North Carolina Department of Correction News - May 1999

Pasquotank superintendent Charles Creecy retires

ELIZABETH CITY — Anyone who has ever worked with Charles Creecy knows that he has a certain way with words and, over the years, has become quite famous for his rather unique sayings.

As superintendent at Pasquotank Correctional Institution, he often began staff meetings by saying, "Today, my job is to talk and yours is to listen, and I encourage all of you not to finish your jobs before I finish mine."

On April 8, all of that changed as friends, family and co-workers gathered at the National Guard Armory to celebrate Creecy’s retirement from the Department of Correction after nearly 30 years of service. On this day, it was Creecy’s turn to listen as others talked about the man who is credited for opening Pasquotank Correctional Institution and making it the facility that it is today.

"Charles Creecy was charged with one of the most difficult jobs in this department – opening up a new prison," said Assistant Secretary Lynn Phillips. "That’s some of the most challenging work that we have in this department, and he’s done it – never complaining or saying anything negative about this tough job. Today he’s leaving something better than when he found it. We in the department appreciate his career and his contributions to this organization."

Charles Creecy thanked his wife, Ella, for her support during his
29 year career with the department and their 30 years of
marriage during his retirement luncheon.

Creecy first began his career with the department in 1970 as a correctional officer at Caledonia Correctional Institution. Over the years, he rose through the ranks, working in programs at Caledonia and Odom Correctional Institutions. He was promoted to assistant superintendent of programs for Odom in 1980 and, in 1986, to superintendent of Caledonia. A year later, he took over as correctional administrator of the Caledonia-Odom Complex. In 1994, the Complex office closed, and he was named superintendent of the brand new prison being built in Pasquotank County.

From hiring and training staff, writing policy and working with the community to ensure smooth and efficient operation of Pasquotank Correctional Institution, Creecy did it all.

"Mr. Creecy came here with a difficult task in a new community with a difficult challenge," said Ernie Sutton, superintendent of Currituck Correctional Center. "He came as the quarterback, amassed his team under difficult and trying circumstances and, today, we have Pasquotank Correctional Institution – one of the flagships of the department."

Proud of all he has been able to accomplish during his 29 years of service with the department, Creecy personally thanked his family and co-workers for their support throughout his career, saying he wouldn’t have been able to do it without them.

"If it hadn’t been for the hard work put in by the management team and the staff, Pasquotank wouldn’t be what it is today," he said. "Today when I leave Pasquotank, I am leaving behind a facility that is as good or better than any other facility in North Carolina today."

Although Creecy is retiring from the department, don’t expect him to be sitting around reminiscing about the good old days working for the prison system. With a wife, three children and a farm to tend to, he’ll be way too busy for that.

But as Creecy is known to say, "Don’t take it personally."u

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