North Carolina Department of Correction - Correction News - May 1999

Spotlight on Community Corrections Judicial District 15 A - page 2

Steve Neighbors is the Chief PPO of Unit A. He oversees all the training for the officers in district 15 A. Neighbors said the officers have to be firarms certified to move up, so more and more people are interested in firearms training. He said right now, approximately 30 officers are firearms certified in 15 A. Tom Flowers is the Chief PPO of Unit B., A history major in college, hu used to participate in civil War reenactments all over the East Coast. Now he focuses his energies on collecitng WWII memorabilia. He was promoted to chief in 1994 and said the most gratifying part of his job is hleping others. "I like it when officers come and ask me questions," he said. "I like being able to solve problems for officers who don't have as much experience." George Aldridge is the Chief PPO of Unit C. Hre started working for probation the same day as JDM Jeff Allen. the two rode together to basic training. aldridge was promoted to chief in May 1994. As CPPO, he oversees court intake, processing and sets the schedules for the officers covering court.
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