North Carolina Department of Correction News - July 1999

Wake County DOC offices get new mailing addresses

Anyone planning to send mail to DOC offices located in Wake County after July 1 will have to use a new address or risk a major delay in the processing of the mail.

Starting this month, instead of using the old Post Office Box number to send mail, those sending mail to offices in Wake County will have to use a new Mail Services Center Box number and a new nine-digit zip code. This change in addresses results from the creation of a new centralized mail service, the Mail Services Center (MSC), run by the Department of Administration.

Now instead of having individual mailrooms for the various state government agencies located in Wake County, all state mail will be handled by the new MSC.

"The Department of Administration convinced the governor that they could save the state $1.3 million by eliminating mailroom positions for each agency and having all the mail processed in one centralized location," said Larry Rhodes, director of purchasing for the department. friend.jpg (10344 bytes)
Ken Friend, DOC’s new mailroom manager

DOC’s mailroom at Yonkers Road underwent a reduction in staff from seven permanent positions to two, but did not shut down completely. Under the direction of Ken Friend, DOC’s new mailroom manager, the DOC mailroom will still be available to handle bulk mailings such as memos and other items being sent out to all DOC units and offices. In addition, the DOC mailroom will also continue to pick up the mail sent to Central Prison via the transfer buses and will be available to pick up any piece of mail requiring special attention that must be sent out right away.

As part of the changeover, Rhodes said that it is imperative for all impacted offices in Wake County to include their new MSC number and nine-digit zip code on all return address labels and letterhead. However, he said when ordering supplies, offices in Wake County should continue using their street address to ensure proper delivery.

Any mail being sent via the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) as certified, express or registered by Wake County offices should be placed in front of all other outgoing mail. This type mail should be identified by attaching a check-off form or certified sticker that will be provided by MSC.

Rhodes said the changes in the mail service will mainly affect the processing of USPS mail and should not affect the sending or receiving of overnight deliveries such as Federal Express or UPS. For overnight services, he said Wake County offices should continue using their regular street addresses.

"The conversion to a centralized mail operation will be a challenging process, so all involved are not only asking for cooperation, but also patience," Rhodes said. "There will be other changes in how the mail is processed and the MSC and the DOC mailroom will strive to keep everyone abreast of these changes. The result should be a better way to process mail and, at the same time, produce cost reductions for all involved parties."

For questions about the new mailroom service, call Ken Friend, DOC mailroom manager, at 919-716-3250 or Gene Benfield, director of the MSC, at 919-733-2913.

DOC Agency Box Number Zip Code
Secretary’s Office 4201 27699-4201
Public Information 4202 27699-4202
Personnel 4203 27699-4203
Testing & Research 4204 27699-4204
Raleigh Regional Office 4205 27699-4205
DART Office 4206 27699-4206
Grievance 4207 27699-4207
OSDT II 4208 27699-4208
Internal Audit 4209 27699-4209
Transportation &Comm. 4210 27699-4210
DART Administration 4211 27699-4211
Mountford Warehouse 4212 27699-4212
OSDT Administration 4213 27699-4213
Central Supply Warehouse 4214 27699-4214
Safety 4215 27699-4215
Engineering 4216 27699-4216
MIS 4217 27699-4217
Enterprise Accounting 4218 27699-4218
Local Confinement 4219 27699-4219
Budget Office 4220 27699-4220
Controller’s Office 4220 27699-4220
General Accounting 4220 27699-4220
Trust Fund Accounting 4220 27699-4220
Welfare Accounting 4220 27699-4220
Work Release Accounting 4220 27699-4220
Research & Planning 4221 27699-4221
Parole Commission 4222 27699-4222
Citizens Service 4223 27699-4223
Extradition 4224 27699-4224
Combined Records 4226 27699-4226
Purchasing 4227 27699-4227
Payroll 4228 27699-4228
Kathie Lefler (Health Ins.) 4229 27699-4229
Enterprise Administration 4240 27699-4240
Duplicating 4241 27699-4241
Tag Plant 4242 27699-4242
Central Prison Laundry 4243 27699-4243
Reupholster Plant 4244 27699-4244
Sewing Plant 4245 27699-4245
DCC Administration 4250 27699-4250
Technology Center 4251 27699-4251
Probation Office I 4252 27699-4252
CJPP 4254 27699-4254
Probation Office II 4256 27699-4256
Probation Officer III 4258 27699-4258
DOP-Director 4260 27699-4260
DOP-Assistant Director 4261 27699-4261
DOP-Security Desk 4262 27699-4262
Religious Services 4263 27699-4263
Education 4264 27699-4264
DOP-Admin. Services 4265 27699-4265
DOP Training 4266 27699-4266
Central Regional Director 4267 27699-4267
Litigation 4269 27699-4269
Special Asst. to Director 4270 27699-4270
Housing 4271 27699-4271
Diagnostic 4272 27699-4272
Disciplinary Hearings 4273 27699-4273
Auxiliary Services 4274 27699-4274
Classification 4275 27699-4275
Identification 4276 27699-4276
Mental Health 4277 27699-4277
Health Services 4278 27699-4278
Food Services 4279 27699-4279
Program Services 4280 27699-4280
Security Administration 4281 27699-4281
Facility Services 4282 27699-4282
Maintenance Shop 4283 27699-4283
Central Pharmacy 4284 27699-4284
Central Prison 4285 27699-4285
Raleigh Correctional Ctr 4286 27699-4286
Wake Correctional Center 4288 27699-4288

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