North Carolina Department of Correction News - July 1999

Phillips to serve on Clean NC 2000 Board

Gov. Jim Hunt recently appointed Assistant Secretary Lynn Phillips to the Clean N.C. 2000 Board.

Gov. Hunt’s Clean N.C. 2000 initiative is an aggressive statewide push to bring together local and state government leaders, private businesses, volunteers and community organizations to clean up the state’s rivers, streams, lakes and roadsides by the year 2000.

Members of the Clean N.C. 2000 Board have been charged with forming local grassroots clean-up programs in every community across the state. In addition, Board members will be expected to establish an information network so communities across the state can share advice on recycling and litter prevention, inventory all litter and illegal waste sites in every county and increase the number of recycling centers and litter prevention initiatives around the state.

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As a member of the Clean N.C. 2000 Board, Phillips will be developing a number of strategies that the Department can implement to assist the governor with this initiative.

Along with Phillips’ appointment to the Board, Correction Secretary Theodis Beck was selected to serve as an ex-officio member of the Board.

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