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Theodis Beck, Secretary
Patty McQuillan, Director of Public Information (919) 733-4926

JULY 1, 1999

 Information about state prisoners is now available in a new application on the North Carolina Department of Correction web site.
 By visiting, web visitors can search for information about prisoners including their name, crime, location, date of entry into the prison system and projected release date.

 “There’s a broad range of users who we believe will be interested in this application,” said Bob Brinson, Correction Information Resources Director.  “First and foremost will be crime victims. This will give them a new source of information about offenders who may have committed crimes against them. It will help public and private investigators seeking information about prisoners. And it will serve people who are making hiring decisions as a place to check the background of potential employees.”

 The application searches for offenders by name and uses gender and race to narrow the search.  An initial search may provide a list of prisoners with their date of birth, race, and current supervision status. Clicking on the prisoner’s DOC number provides 23 different items of information that identify the prisoner, his sentence, his current prison assignment and his release date.

 “It’s a good use of the internet,” Brinson said. “It provides information to folks in a way we haven’t been able to do before.”

 The application is the latest developed by the department’s Management Information Systems office.  Correction computer programs have also provided reports over the web on prisoners completing their sentence and returning to the community, escapees and apprehended escapees. The department web site is at


EDITOR’S NOTE:  The web address for the new prisoner web application was incorrectly listed on a news release mailed to NC news media. The correct URL as it is listed above in this article is

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