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Victims Voices: Silent No More
National Crime Victims
Rights Weeks

April 25-May1,1999

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Karen Taylor George

Catherine Gallagher Smith

Michael and Chelsea

Saundra Dockery

Photos of Crime Victims Day

Joining together
for victims' voices

April 29, 1999

A celebration of victims'
courage and the enactment
of victims' rights in
North Carolina

North Carolina
Department of Correction
Services for Victims of Crime

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North Carolina observes National Crime Victims Rights Week April 29, 1999 with a ceremony on the grounds of the State Capitol.

This annual tribute to crime victims is dedicated to the memory of those who suffered and died at the hands of their criminal assailants and to honor the courage of those who suffered and survived. This year’s theme, Victims’ Voices: Silent No More, reflects the undeniable force generated when crime victims speak out against crime victimization and the need for comprehensive victims’ rights and services for all crime victims.

Karen Taylor George, NC DOC victim services coordinator

Catherine Gallagher Smith, NC Victims Assistance Network

Michael and Chelsea Wood, survivors

Saundra Dockery, survivor

Karen Taylor George, NC DOC victim Services coordinator

Taylor George
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Chelsea Wood, survivor

Wood 1
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Wood 2
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Saundra Dockery, survivor

Dockery 1
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Dockery 2
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