North Carolina


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September 15, 2000

Inmates Bagging Trash For Fall Litter Sweep


A number of Community Work Crews are pitching in to help the Department of Transportation clean up North Carolinaís roadsides for a fall Litter Sweep campaign Sept. 17-30. Itís part of Governor Jim Huntís initiative Clean NC 2000.

"The Department of Correction has long been committed to environmental efforts," said Secretary Beck. "We have a beautiful state and we will continue to do what we can to support initiatives designed to improve the quality of life for the stateís citizens."

In April, offenders collected 57,000 bags of trash along nearly 5,000 miles of roadway as part of the Spring Litter Sweep 2000. Inmates housed in the Division of Prisons traditionally provide much of the labor for the project. However, this year offenders assigned to IMPACT, the stateís boot camp program, and those in substance abuse treatment programs are also participating.