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Transition Aftercare Network 
Fact Sheet

The mission of the Transition Aftercare Network is to recruit and train churches and ministry organizations in every N.C. county to provide aftercare services to former inmates who have been released in their community.

The network is sponsored by the N.C. Department of Correction and is guided by a steering committee comprised of volunteers from around the state. The network is supported by volunteer regional coordinators who are responsible for working with prison chaplains to link approved inmates with participating churches and other faith-based organizations.

There are approximately 31,500 inmates in the state prison system. Approximately 25,000 inmates are released each year, many of them without any supervision in the community. The first 48 hours to three months are the most critical time for former inmates in their attempts to reintegrate into society.

How It Works
Churches and other faith-based groups: Organizations agree to serve as a TAN member, receive training and commit to abide by standards for service.

Inmates: Apply to be matched with a TAN organization and sign an agreement that outlines their responsibilities.

The participating TAN organization meets with the inmate prior to his/her release in order to form a relationship before the inmate returns to their community. The TAN organization works with the prison chaplain, prison case manager and transition team, inmate family and the inmate to identify physical needs, such as housing, employment, transportation, medical, clothing and food; spiritual needs such as worship, counseling, and discipleship; and social needs such as friends, mentors and support groups. After release, the TAN organization works with the former inmate to meet his/her needs and serves as a support mechanism.

To volunteer, contact Chaplain James Prince at (919) 733-3226.

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