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Pamlico Correctional Institution Staff Adopts a Family for Christmas

BAYBORO, Dec 17 - "Letís adopt a family for Christmas," Superintendent Robert Hines said to his staff at the Pamlico Correctional Institution in Bayboro last week. Inquiries were made to different agencies throughout the county. Finally, Pat Goldstein, from Child and Family Outreach at the Neuse Center in Alliance suggested a family with three boys. "This is a family who would otherwise not have a very Merry Christmas," she said.

The staff at Pamlico Correctional has enjoyed the opportunity to provide goodies for the children. "I havenít toy shopped for little ones in years," said Rick Adamson, programs director at the prison. The staff knows only that the children are boys aged eleven, four, and an infant. "Correctional officers and office staff have pitched in and we have items for all three boys including toys, clothes, and a bike," said Hines. "We hope this will be a Christmas that these kids remember."

Adopting a family is a Christmas tradition with Hines. "At almost every unit Iíve worked for with the Department of Correction, weíve adopted a local family for Christmas." He plans to continue the tradition at Pamlico. "It is so important for those of us who have what we need to give to those who do not. This is what keeps the spirit of Christmas alive in each of us.

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