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August 2000

Clinical Director Wins Video Award

Steven Hanusa, clinical director with the Division of Alcoholism and Chemical Dependency, has won an award for a public safety video he helped produce. The video called "Impact: Driving Drunk, Driving High" tied for the best public interest, public safety video in the American Correctional Association and National Institute of Corrections 21st Annual Corrections Video Festival.

The video features emotional interviews of people who lost loved ones in accidents caused by drunk drivers. It also includes comments from law enforcement, public and medical officials. It is 32 minutes long, trying to drive home the fact that every 32 minutes a drunk driver kills someone in the United States.

Hanusa wrote most of the narratives in the video and the questions for all the interviewees. He also did most of the voice-overs. "This is the first time Iíve done something like this. Iím very excited," said Hanusa.

"DACDP and each of its employees are very proud of you and your accomplishment," Lattie Baker Jr., assistant secretary, wrote in a letter commending Hanusa. He went on to congratulate him and told him the Department would be made aware of his achievement and the fact that itíll be highlighted in Corrections Today magazine and listed on the ACA website.

Hanusa started working on the video about a year and a half ago on his own time with cooperation from the Department. All the interviews were shot and edited by G.W.C., a production company. An awards ceremony was scheduled Aug. 13-17 at the 130th Congress of Corrections in San Antonio, TX.

The video is available to law enforcement agencies, DWI treatment providers, MADD organizations and any other interested parties. For a preview of the video, contact Hanusa at 919-715-3786. He hopes to soon produce a sequel dealing with the same topic.

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