September 2000

Spotlight on Community Corrections Division 4 Office

By Pamela Walker

From Charlotte to Boone to Murphy and areas in between, the Division of Community Corrections Judicial Division Four staff have a lot of ground to cover in supervising offenders.

Led by Division Chief Roger Haynie, about 500 employees have approximately 21,000 offenders under their supervision in the 25 counties that make up the division.

Haynie, who started his career as a probation officer 23 years ago, has watched the Department and Community Corrections grow in many ways. "The Division of Community Corrections has experienced significant changes in the past few years. Our partnerships with schools, communities and local law enforcement are providing clear lines of communication and thereby greatly enhancing public safety. Not to be lost in these new initiatives are our departmentís continuing efforts to successfully rehabilitate offenders," said Haynie. "Those who work in the division can take great pride in knowing they are making a difference and making North Carolina a safer place to live."

Each judicial district has its own niche and provides a wide variety of programs designed to rehabilitate offenders, according to Jeff Joines, assistant division chief. Some districts have implemented Cognitive Behavioral Intervention (CBI), sex offender programs, and drug and alcohol abuse programs. Officers strive to be involved in community policing and many participate in federal task forces. "We are moving forward in a variety of areas and continually working hard to make our communities safe," said Joines.

Roger Haynie
, judicial division chief, oversees nine judicial districts and approximately 500 employees. A Madison County native, Haynie began his career with Community Corrections as a probation officer 23 years ago.

Jeff Joines is the assistant judicial division chief. He travels throughout the division meeting with district managers, dealing with personnel issues and processing serious crime reports. He also makes sure case management is being implemented appropriately.

Gwenn Rice
, criminal justice partnership coordinator. She is a liaison with the 25 counties in the division that have treatment programs for offenders.

As correctional training instructor, Karen Herron coordinates and plans all training for the division. She schedules all instructors, students and classes. Herron is also the Division Four chairperson for the North Carolina Probation/Parole Association.

All applications for employment in the division and hiring packages go through personnel technician Sandy Franklin.

Some of the Division Four strategy team, which is made up of selected officers and supervisors, meet to identify problems and come up with solutions as well as identify things that are working. The team meets once a month. From left, Sherri Schutte, CJPP director Cherokee County; Cathy Ford, chief PPO Gaston County; Gwenn Rice; Jeff Joines; John Cyrus, chief PPO Mecklenburg County; Micky Bland, judicial district manager; and Johnny Dexton, judicial district manager.

Connie Davis
is Haynieís administrative secretary. She also handles all employee separations and oversees office assistants.

Shaylene Boone
is an office assistant. She handles clerical duties for the personnel technician and the training coordinator. She is also a firearms and pepper spray instructor.

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