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September 2000

Secretary Beck urges support of Combined Campaign  

Every day, state employees change lives as we work in our chosen fields. Each fall, state employees have an opportunity to reach out and touch more lives through our donations to the State Employees Combined Campaign.

Nearly every one of us has been touched in some way by at least one of the more than 2,000 charitable organizations that are part of the campaign. The Combined Campaign is run by state employees, for state employees and itís the only authorized charitable fund-raising campaign for some state workers. In 1999, Department of Correction employees pledged $418,000 to the agencies that work so hard to provide needed services in communities throughout the state.

Secretary Theodis Beck

This year, Iím proud to serve as the chairman of the Wake County campaign. My goal as secretary is to ensure that every Correction employee in the state is given the opportunity to contribute. Giving is a personal choice and a personal decision. The SECC offers you the opportunity to designate your donation to a single agency or to a group of agencies and payroll deduction makes giving easy and efficient.

As secretary, Iím committed to the Combined Campaign because I know our contributions make a difference. I ask that you carefully consider making a pledge to an organization of your choice.

What is the State Employees Combined Campaign?
The SECC is the only charitable giving program authorized for the state employee workplace. The SECC was organized by state employees for state employees. All campaign committees are comprised of state employees. State employees make all decisions.

How can I contribute to the SECC?
Payroll deduction allows you to determine an amount that will be deducted from your paycheck automatically each pay period. Or, you may contribute with a personal check or cash. There is no minimum contribution amount and all contributions, regardless of amount, are greatly appreciated.

Where does my contribution go?
Exactly where you designate it to go and nowhere else. You may designate one or more SECC charitable organizations to receive your gift. If you do not designate your gift, the Local Advisory Committee, comprised of state employees, will allocate the funds to one or more of the approved SECC charitable organizations.

How will I know my contribution goes where I designate?
You may indicate on your pledge form that you wish to receive an acknowledgement from the charitableorganization(s). All you have to do is provide a home address to be shared with the organization for
acknowledgement purposes.

Is my contribution tax deductible?
Yes, to the extent allowed by law. For tax purposes, nothing of substantial value is given in return for your contribution.

How much does it cost to run the SECC?
In 1998, 14 cents of each dollar covered all administrative and fund-raising costs. This is well below the 20% cap permitted by the campaign regulations. State employees who serve on the State Advisory Committee and Local Advisory Committees approve the campaign budget and actual, audited expenses.

How do I get my favorite charitable organization in the SECC?
You may have the organization contact the Statewide Campaign Organization at 1-800-909-7322 for an application.

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