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November 2000

Personnel Corner

What Life Insurance Plan Do You Have?

The current contract for life insurance with the Department of Correction insurance committee is with First Protective Life Insurance. However, many employees continue to have payroll deductions with life insurance companies that are not under contract with DOC at the present time. Personnel staff have been able to research the following contact sources that employees can with questions regarding policy types/coverage or claims:

Alta Life and Health – Call customer service regarding claims at 1-800-801-2840, extension 18 and ask for Evelyn Nelson. Mail claims to: ATTN: Claims Alta, P.O. Box 11111, Fort Scott, KS 66701.

American Family Life (AFLAC) – Home office number 1-800-992-3522.

Anthem 10+ Plan – For claim forms or questions contact First Protective – Insurance Designers at 1-800-334-1217.

Jefferson - Pilot Life – Call Willard B. Hooten, sales representative at 919-981-6355.

Loyal American and American Defender - Call 1-800-752-7817, ext. 530, and ask for Sandy Durham.

Victory Life – Call Pierce Insurance Co., 1-800-421-3142 and ask for Nancy Lockert.

DOC Wellness Activities

CostWise Savings Under the State Health Plan

The CostWise agreement between a physician and the State Health Plan is an agreement that a physician will accept the plan’s usual, customary and reasonable allowance for covered services. A CostWise Physician will:

Call 1-800-422-4658 for names of doctors participating in CostWise. Physician names are alphabetically listed by county. Or, contact your physician’s office directly and speak with the business office to find out if your physician is a CostWise participant.

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