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Probation Officer Basic Training Program
The Probation Officer Basic Training Program consists of a total of 160 hours offered in a curriculum of nine (9) topical areas plus review and testing.  The program is designed for completion in four (4) consecutive weeks.  The training needs in this curriculum have been validated by completion of a task analysis.  The courses provided under each topical area are designed to provide all new Probation Officers with an understanding of the structure and operations of the Division of Community Corrections of the North Carolina Department of Correction.  This course includes training in the essential concepts, knowledge and skills directly related to the job requirements of Probation Officers.  This course includes controls, restraints and defensive techniques plus personal protection skills.  This training must be completed within 12 months from the date of employment.

Completion of the Probation Officer Basic Training Program certifies the trainee as a Probation Officer in accordance with the North Carolina Administrative Code, Title 12, Chapter 9, Rule .0208.

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