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The Training Roster (OSDT-1) is the official documentation of training successfully completed (minimum 90% attendance) by Department of Correction Employees (Note: Attendance percentage is higher for Certified Courses).

Approved training is defined as that training for which the Office of Staff Development and Training has provided or approved a lesson plan or a training proposal and which is provided to employees of the Department of Correction.

The Training Roster is to be completed by the appropriate Training Coordinator or Instructor and becomes an official state document confirming that training has been conducted and attended. The Training Roster should be completed as indicated below.

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The top portion of the form should be completed (Title of Training, Course Title Code, Contact Hours [from Course Table], Beginning and Ending Dates, Location of Training, Coordinator of Training, Instructors and their Social Security Numbers).

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Trainees should be instructed to print clearly, sign their full name and provide their Social Security Number in the appropriate sections.

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A copy of the original OSDT-1 should be appropriately filed by the instructor(s) that taught the class. The original and supporting documentation (i.e., Firearms and Unarmed Self Defense Score Sheets) should be forwarded to the Field Training Coordinator or Correctional Training Instructors for documentation of training and to be used to update training records. These OSDT-1’s should be maintained in the FTC’s or CTI’s files for at least ten (10) years.

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For courses that require field update (See Course Definition Screen in OPUS), the FTC/CTI will use the original OSDT-1 as a source document and enter the training data into the appropriate Training Records Screen in the Staff Training Sub-System of OPUS, within 30 days of the end date of the training. The original OSDT-1 will now be filed by the FTC/CTI and maintained in their training records. The OSDT-1 will not be forwarded to In-Service Training.

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For courses that do not require or allow field update (See Course Definition Screen in OPUS) the FTC/CTI will use the original OSDT-1 as a source document and prepare a typed or computer generated OSDT-1 within two weeks of the completion of training. This OSDT-1 will be forwarded to the In-Service section of OSDT for record update by OSDT within 30 days of the receipt of the documentation. The original OSDT-1 and a copy of the typed OSDT-1 and a copy of the typed OSDT-1 should be filed with the training records of the FTC/CTI.

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In the event that an employee discovers an error in their training record, they should request a correction in writing. The request should include the title, date(s) and location of the training. Additional documentation of attendance should be included with the request. The written request and any supporting documentation should be forwarded to the Field Training Coordinator/Correctional Training Instructor. If the FTC/CTI can confirm through an OSDT-1 that the person did attend the training, then the training record should be updated for courses that require field update.  For other courses, the FTC/CTI should forward the request and any documentation to the Manager of In-Service Training. The Manager of In-Service Training will review the request and documentation and determine if there is sufficient documentation to make a record change/update. Additional information may be requested from the employee. The In-Service Manager will notify the employee in writing of the action taken regarding their request.

The training record is an official state document. The Department of Correction requires that all entries made on the OSDT-1 and the Staff Training Sub-System of OPUS to be truthful and accurate. Any entries less than this will be considered under the Department of Correction’s Disciplinary Policy and Procedures as it relates to falsification of state documents.

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