Division of Adult Correction


Mission Statement

The mission of the NCDPS Division of Adult Correction is to promote public safety by the administration of a fair and humane system which provides reasonable opportunities for adjudicated offenders to develop progressively responsible behavior.


Vision Statement

 We, the employees of the NCDPS Division of Adult Correction, envision an organization respected by the citizens of North Carolina for its effectiveness in responding to the problem of crime in our society and working collaboratively with others to prevent crime through community involvement.

We see an organization providing public safety, opportunities for offenders to become productive citizens, and growth and development for employees.

We see ourselves contributing to the creation of a society of law-abiding, responsible citizens.


NCDPS Division of Adult Correction
Code of Ethics

It is the policy of the North Carolina Department of Public Safety Division of Adult Correction that no person connected with the Division of Adult Correction will use his or her official position to secure real or perceived special privileges or advantages.

Entrusted and empowered by the people of North Carolina, we the employees within the Division of Adult Correction, individually and collectively, adopt the following as our Code of Ethics and will diligently strive to:

Be committed to excellence;
Promote and facilitate teamwork;
Perform my job to the best of my abilities;
Be consistent in the application of my duties;
Be trustworthy, honest, and straight-forward;
Engage in efforts toward mutual understanding;
Be accountable to the citizens of North Carolina;
Uphold the principles and traditions of my profession;
Provide quality service to my customers and stakeholders;
Enhance my job performance by maximizing learning opportunities;
Embrace diversity, promote Inclusiveness, and respect human dignity;
Promote positive change that is beneficial to the Agency and the State;
Comply with all laws, regulations, and rules governing the Department, and policies of the Department;
Protect the safety and welfare of the public, fellow-employees, offenders, and myself, cautiously guarding against injury or loss.