North Carolina Division of Prisons
Program Services

Last Updated February 14, 1997

 Prison Program Description: Department of Transportation road squad

PurposeAn inmate labor contract is approved each year between the Department of Correction and the Department of Transportation in keeping with state law that states as many medium and minimum custody inmates who are available and fit for road work shall be employed in the maintenance and construction of public roads of the state of North Carolina.
Criteria for ParticipationAll inmates selected must be mentally and physically able to perform manual labor. Both medium and minimum custody inmates are assigned.
Program OperationMedium custody inmates assigned to DOT road squads are deployed in squads of eight or twelve men. Medium custody inmates are supervised by armed correctional staff at a ratio of one officer to four inmates. Minimum custody inmates are supervised by DOT staff who have been trained and designated as correctional agents of the Secretary of Correction. Security and safety are emphasized in all road work activities. Sixty-nine locations in the Division of Prisons work inmates with the Department of Transportation. Over 2,300 inmates are assigned to work on public roads each week day.