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Transitional Aftercare Network  (TAN)
“Transforming Lives through a Spirit of Excellence”



To train and equip residents of various pre-release programs with the necessary skills and resources needed to become productive members of society.



Our goal is to train individuals, churches and other ministry organizations to provide aftercare through an educational forum within their own counties. This is done so ex-offenders can study and grow during their transitional phase. Trained mentors will provide guidance, encouragement, coping and life coaching skills in collaboration with the Division of Prisons, Chaplaincy Services support.


What is the Transitional Aftercare Network?

TAN is a statewide network of volunteers, churches and faith-based ministries who have come together to assist ex-offenders in their transition back into their families, communities and workforce.

A Regional & County Coordinator will lead the Aftercare teams trained in each participating county. Team members and mentors will take on various responsibilities according to the needs of the individual and community resources available. Being able to see the offender’s challenges both inside and beyond the prison walls give TAN volunteers a true advantage. The needs assessed on the inside are properly prepared for in advance. Once the participate leave the confines of the prison, momentum has already been established thus creating a smoother less traumatic reentry back into society. This will be explained in more detail during the TAN mentor training.

Guiding Principles

Spiritual values form the foundation of TAN.
All individuals have potential to contribute.
Every individual deserve opportunities.
Truth governs our actions.

Mentor Matches

TAN works in collaboration with the NC Department of Correction sponsored pre-release programs. Graduates from these approved programs are eligible to apply for TAN services. TAN will assist inmates and ex-offenders whose infractions do not exceed a Class C or D Disciplinary level. Some infractions will be reviewed on a case by case basis. All infractions will be verified through the OPUS data base. Those who request TAN services will submit an application and go through an interview process with TAN representatives from the county to which they will be returning. TAN does not formally work with Sex Offenders; however we will provide references to other resources when available.

TAN Volunteer Application


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