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Division of Prisons - Health Services

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Dental Services Dr. Paula Smith
Paula Y. Smith, M.D.
 Medical Director
Mental Health
Nursing Services

831 West Morgan Street
4278 Mail Service Center

Raleigh, NC  27699-4278
Phone: 919-838-3850
FAX: 919-733-1415
Courier #53-71-00

The Health Services Vision
To be regarded as the premiere correctional healthcare program in the United States

The Health Services Mission
To provide access to quality, cost effective healthcare that is rendered by competent healthcare professionals

The Health Services Goals Are:

          - To uphold the mission and goals of the North Carolina Department of Correction
          - To view correctional facilities as public health stations that significantly impact the health status of
             the larger community
          - To manage the care so as to improve the health status of the inmates and the citizens of North Carolina
             assuring that the best value is obtained for the tax dollars spent
          - To provide care consistent with community standards
          - To focus on the internal and external customers served by the North Carolina Department of Correction

Last update on 03/27/12

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