Correctional Nursing Services

Nurse Supervisor

This is a supervisory nursing position working in a specialized mental health treatment program in an inpatient or residential facility in which nursing services are required on a 24-hour continuous basis. This position coordinate scheduling of nursing service personnel; interprets nursing service and administrative policies to nursing personnel, patients, and department staff; assists with personnel screening and selection; plans, directs, and participates in inservice and continuing education activities for nurisng staff; studies and evaluates quality of care and delivery of services and makes suggestions for improvement; and gives direct patient care in emergency situations and for teaching purposes.

Lead Nurse

This position serves as shift supervisor for nursing services in a residential or inpatient mental health treatment program. This position produces shift schedules, assigns individual nursing duties to nursing staff, monitors direct patient care during the shift, orients new nurses to the shift, interprets nursing policies and procedures assuring treatment protocols are accurately followed, and provides direct nursing care to patients during the majority of time when not engaged in supervisory activities.

Staff Nurse

This position is a direct care nursing position providing a wide range of professional nursing functions in an inpatient or residential mental health program. This position is responsible for the total nursing care of patients with some supervision of some other nursing staff to include individual work assignments. This position may serve as shift supervisor during the absence of the Lead Nurse.

Correctional Health Assistant

This position provides direct nursing services to inmates in inpatient or residential mental health settings. Duties include routine nursing care as assigned, assist nurses conducting medical care procedures, supervision of inmates in program acitivities and housing areas, administration of medication, taking and monitoring vital signs, assisting with routine examinations and triaging of sick-call requests, providing basic first aid, serving as case managers for assigned inmates, and providing individual couselling and supportive interventions to inmates in the discussion of adjustment problems, treatment concerns, and progress indicators. Work is performed under the supervision of a registered nurse or physician.

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