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Vision Statement

The  Purchasing & Logistics Office commits to dedication in its efforts to support the Department of Public Safety as a central clearinghouse for procurement and other invaluable services. The duties and responsibilities necessary to achieve results will be of the highest quality through continuous accomplishments. Every Department of Public Safety unit is considered our customer, and anything less than the highest quality service to all customers is not acceptable.


Mission Statement

Timeliness shall be a forefront objective as related to customer service. Prompt completion of process is the finished level of stability, the final closure that gets the customer's needs met. That level of process is and shall remain an everyday practice. Insuring that consistency, accuracy, professionalism, and the highest ethical standards in support of services is an expected practice. 




The Division of Adult Correction Purchasing & Logistics Office is the centralized location for procurement, warehousing, transportation/communications, and leased property acquisition and management for the Department of Public Safety. All of these unique responsibilities have accepted policies and procedures and this Division genuinely concentrates on strict conformity without fail.

Is what we do day-by-day a true support to the correctional environment and its multiple locations with such a variety of responsibilities? We believe the answer to this question is, and always should  be, YES.... The procurement processes will be open and clearly articulated; they will be predictable, logical, and streamlined when possible. The playing field will be kept on a level scale, thus providing fair and open opportunity for all the vendor community.     


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