Former Department of Correction
2012 Legislative Reports

Date Report Title
01/18/2012 Jail Backlog
01/25/2012 Inmate medical cost containment
01/30/2012 Community based residential reentry programs for Inmates pilot initiative
02/20/2012 State Capitol Police - Report on law enforcement accreditation
03/01/2012 Probation/parole caseloads
03/01/2012 Mutual Agreement Parole Program
03/01/2012 Alcoholism and Chemical Dependency Programs annual report
03/01/2012 Division of Law Enforcement - Report on the creation of regional offices
03/01/2012 Eckerd Youth Alternatives
03/01/2012 Electronic Monitoring/ Use of GPS systems for sex offenders
03/01/2012 Status of the medical release program
03/01/2012 Multipurpose juvenile homes annual evaluation
03/01/2012 State Highway Patrol - Reports on law enforcement accreditation services
03/01/2012 Treatment for Effective Community Supervision
05/10/2012 Inmate Medical Cost Containment