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Dan River Prison Work Farm -- Inmate Construction

Construction of the inmate housing facility at Dan River is the largest inmate prison construction program undertaken since inmates built Central Prison, the state's first prison, in the 1890s.

"The workmanship is exceptional," Department of Correction Engineering Director Bill Stovall said. "That's something we're proud of."

Correction engineering staff supervised a squad of up to 80 medium security inmates in the construction of the facility that will house 650 inmates. They did all the work, completing even complex tasks. Construction has been completed. Once inspections are completed, the building will be turned over to the department.

"Using inmate labor lowered the cost of building this facility," Stovall said. Engineering staff also developed inmate construction skills. An apprenticeship program was developed with the Department of Labor. Inmates who complete the program will be certified as journey level craftsmen in that trade.

Inmate construction crews are now building the housing facility for the Eastern Prison Work Farm in Tyrrell County.

Aerial photo of Dan River under construction

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