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Dan River Prison Work Farm -- Farming operations

Since the North Carolina General Assembly leased the property in 1899, inmates have been farming at Caledonia Correctional Institution. That farming operation continues today and now includes sites at Caledonia and Odom correctional institutions.

Johnny Hassell heads up Correction Enterprises farming operations. He is working to develop farms at the Dan River Prison Work Farm, Eastern Prison Work Farm in Tyrrell County, Hyde Correctional Center and Pasquotank Correctional Institution.

Dr. Carl Niedziela is the Dan River farm manager. Dan River's farming operation will provide produce grown in fields and greenhouses by the prison. Broccoli, cabbage, tomatoes and peppers will be grown in the fields. The greenhouses will provide a year round supply of lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers.Dr. Carl Niedziela, Dan River farm manager

Construction of the greenhouses will be one of the first tasks for inmates assigned to work at the farm. Once in full operation, it will be the largest greenhouse produce operation in the state.

Produce grown on the farm will be processed by inmates. They will be able to process food grown at the farm and repackage bulk purchases for distribution to prison kitchens.Dan River farm produce warehouse

Dan River Farm Produce Warehouse

The produce farming and processing operation will supply vegetables to more than 20 prisons in the central and piedmont regions of the state.

The farm operation will put 160 inmates to work.

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