North Carolina Department of Correction - Correction News - January 1999

Spotlight on the Franklin Sign Plant - page 3

Randy O'Neal is in charge of the whole screening section. he pointed out some specially-made license plates. Some signs have as many as nine different coats of color. O'Neal, a 15-year employee of DOC, said this area was more demanding mentally than physcially-being a more technical area. "If we mess up a product now, it costs a lot more than at the start," O'Neal said. Matt Bird works in the screening section where everyday is a different variable in printing the signs due to the weather and climate affecting the ink. Bird was in the military before joining Correction Enterprises four years ago. Workers in the screening section are under a lot or pressure when the actual message is put on the sign. "It's hard to teach inmates how to mix ink," Supervisor Keith Clarke said. "We're at the end of the line and if it doesn't go right...." Some signs are screened by hand.
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