North Carolina Department of Correction - Correction News - May 1999

Spotlight on Community Corrections Judicial District 15 A - page 3

As a PPO II, Terry Dameron oversees intermediate cases in which offenders must comply with certain sanctions such as house arrest, curfews and jail time. "I like being able to get out and talk to people and meet different people," he said about his job. "No two days are ever the same." Kevin Hooker is a graduate of UNC-Wilmington where he was a criminal justice major and a embmer of the baseball team. he said he enjoys counseling offenders. "Some you can actually help and really make a difference in their lives," he said. "But some others will never change." Hooker is the health and wellness officer for District 15 A. Bethel Richman is in training to become a probation officer. Retired from the military, he worked as a correctional officer at Blanch for two years before deciding to pursue a career in probation. Basic training for richman started April 12 in Crossnore.
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