North Carolina Department of Correction - Correction News - May 1999

Spotlight on Community Corrections Judicial District 15 A - page 5

Surveillance Officer Enos McDonald teachers other probation officers aqbout firearms safety. A firearms trainer for District 15 A, he trains officers from several different districts within Division Two. Prior to beocming a surveillance officer, McDonald was a sergeant at Orange Correctional Center. Jason Ward (L) and Ron Bishop (R) narrowly escaped being attacked by a Rottweiler during a recent field visit to check up on an offender. Bishop said you wouldn't beleive how fast probation officers can move when there is a dog after them. Bishop is a PPOII, serving as a mentor to Ward, a new officer who began basic training in April. Ward is a graduate of N.C. State University. Tammy Parker is a PPOI and the drug screen officer for the unit. She said one of her favorite aspects of her job is working court. "I like being in the courtroom because everyone's so professional and organized. It's our time to let other people know what we do. If we present ourselves well in court, it shows well for the whole department."
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