North Carolina Department of Correction - Correction News - May 1999

Spotlight on Community Corrections Judicial District 15 A - page 6

Marlene Reeves is an office assistant III. She has worked for probation as an office assistant for 22 years and said she has seen a lot of officers hired and promoted including her JDM. She does reception work, directs offenders to their officers, does typing and ocmputer work and orders supplies. "I try to be as helpful as I can," she said."The best part of my job is working witih people. I really like people and we have a good group here in Judicial District 15 A." Carolyn Cook is in transition from working as an administrative probation officer to becoming a PPO I effective this July. As an administrative probation officer, she processes cases from court, assigns cases and types up judgements. She also supervises out-of-state cases. Tina Jordan is an office assistant III. with her office being located inside the courthouse, she said he job can be really hectic when court is in session. A lot of her time is spend dealing with the public and directing them to different courts.
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