North Carolina Department of Correction - Correction News - June 1999

Spotlight on Durham Correctional Center - page 5

Officer Corey Clay waits outside the program director’s office for an inmate who is being sent to disciplinary segregation for refusing to go to work at the Butner laundry. Vincent Gaddy is the newest member of the prison’s staff, working on home leaves and the community volunteer program. He is a pre-law graduate of Shaw University, but decided he didn’t want to become a lawyer. Officer Mack Fennell shows Gaddy the new modular dormitory that opened in December. Scott Evans patrols the north dorm. His job is to keep the dorm secure, make sure the beds are straight before the inmates leave for their jobs, and to make sure the inmate janitors are mopping floors and cleaning the bathrooms correctly. Evans was born in Durham and lives in Creedmoor where he is a volunteer firefighter and EMT technician.
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