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Spotlight on Durham Correctional Center - page 6

The day before this photo was taken, Officer Gale Burns claims he saw a UFO dart across the sky. Co-workers may laugh, but Burns is someone who should know. He retired from the US Air Force as a Senior Master Sergeant and wrote the weapons specs for the B-1 Bomber for Rockwell International in 1987. Burns said that as he was leaving work May 3, he saw a white dot moving faster than any military plane streaking across the sky. He called the RDU airport tower, but there had been no sighting on their radar. Programs Assistant Irma Timberlake takes inmates such as Dwayne, pictured here, to job interviews for the work release program. "Most have job skills as they go from camp to camp," Timberlake said. "But what they don’t teach them is how to get along with other people." She tries to see what social skills the inmates need, especially the lifers. Julia Hawkins sells real estate in her spare time. She is Newkirk’s office assistant. A Durham native, Hawkins has worked 22 years for state and federal government.
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