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Prisoners renovate space at
Wayne Correctional Center for medical services - Page 1

Superintendent Carla O'Konek stands in the room that has been used as the prison's medical lab. The old space also included a medical records room and examining room that doubled as office space. The examining room's large closet served as the pharmacy. The old medical services area was located on the second floor of the prison.

When Carla O’Konek was named Wayne’s superintendent last year, she began looking for ways to improve the medical space and move it downstairs.

"I saw how difficult it was for inmates who had any kind of ambulatory problems at all to manipulate those steps," O’Konek said. "I saw emergency injuries trying to get up and down the steps and that just really scared me. Not just because the inmateswere having problems, but because of the liability that we were looking at if they should get hurt."

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