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1995 News Releases

12/19/95  Print Plant 
12/15/95  South Central Area Office Consolidation
12/15/95  Adopt-A-Highway Participation by DOP
11/1/95  Inmate Work Suggestion Line
11/21/95  Sweet Potatoes Canned for Food Bank
10/12/95  Community Work Programs Around State
10/12/95  Wilmington inmates work in community
10/12/95  Community work program expands
10/3/95  Inmates Working on Road Squad
10/3/95  Inmates Work on Mecklenburg Roads
10/3/95  Shift Work for N.C. Prison Inmates
9/29/95  Department of Correction Homepage Online
9/29/95  Inmates Work to Prepare Fairgrounds
9/19/95  Witnesses Selected to view Execution
9/18/95  Phillips Employee of the Year
9/8/95  Hardin Promoted to Judicial District Manager
9/6/95  Road Squad Doubles Size
8/15/95  Inmates spruce up Mt. Mitchell state forestry buildings.
8/11/95  Lawmakers pass tougher punishment for criminals.
8/11/95  Lawmakers pass hot bunking pilot project.
8/11/95  New dorm opens at Piedmont Correctional Institution.
8/3/95  Female inmates put to work in Wilson and Rocky Mount.
8/2/95  Inmates build new prison in Caswell County.
7/13/95  More inmates are being put to work.
7/8/95  Lawmakers provide for 2,000 new prison beds.
6/27/95  Inmates put to work at the State Zoo.
6/19/95  More inmates are put to work on road squads.
6/8/95  Inmates clean up Carrboro ditchbank.

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