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Wayne Ingram stands with just a few of the sharpshooting trophies he has earned over the years.

Ingram is the assistant superintendent for custody, having started his career at Central Prison under warden Sam Garrison in 1976. He found, after working with the worst of the worst, that nothing but time itself would mellow a belligerent, unruly inmate "and by then they are totally unfit to return to society," Ingram said.

Ingram is an avid hunter, loves his new life in Hyde County and welcomes visitors.

Belinda Long (L), assistant superintendent for programs, and Becky Edwards (R) health services administrator, work on inmate medical grievances together.

Long is a transplanted Calyton native.

"The more I'm here, the bigger Clayton gets," Long quipped. "The biggest transition I had to make was the mosquitoes. they almost carried me away." Long said Hyde County is a different way of life. "And I'm not talking about the party life, I'm talking about the wife life. I almost hit a bear."

Her former co-workers at Johnston Correctional Center didn't think she'd make it in such a remote county, but she said she has more stamina than she ever realized.

As the first shift captain, Nathan Bullock works on inmate disciplinaries.

He was selected Employee of the year for the Eastern Area last year.

A Viet nam helicopter pilot, Bullock said after three tours, he was one lucky person.

He met his wife while she was attending East Carolina University, and he was stationed at Fort Bragg.

He feels like Hyde County is home because "My father did a lot of goose and duck hunting here, and I've been coming here since I was knee high to a grasshopper. This is the best staff I have ever worked with, a very dedicated group of people, and its the best paying job in the county."

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