North Carolina Department of Correction - Correction News - April 1999

Spotlight on Hyde Correctional Institution - page 5

Rick Carawan oversees the cashless canteen operation and has made some timesaving changes to the operation. One change was assigning numbers to canteen items, so instead of using the UPC code and jumping all over the canteen to do inventory, the items are in systematic order. Officer Gwen Riddick is taking an on-site criminal justice college program through Beaufort Technical College and the information highway. She has completed four semesters of the 18-hour certificate program and said the program has increased her knowledge of investigations, inmate behavior and the entire prison operation.

Lyndon Baines Johnson, yes, that's right, just like the president, supervises the clothes house operation where a truck load had just arrived. Johnson said he was born two week prior to JFK's assassination. His siblings have regular names. Being detail-oriented is a plus for Officer Rosalee Dalton who runs the master control area. The Englehardt native has oversight of 18 slider doors as well as six video screens that scan inside and outside the prison. Officer Dalton was one of the first officers hired at the prison.
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