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1999 News Releases

12/14/99 Johnston Correctional Sergeant Named Employee of Year
10/11/99 Avery/Mitchell Correctional Institution dedicated
10/1/99 Ray Sharpe named superintendent of Forsyth Correctional Center
10/1/99 Selma Townes named superintendent of Franklin Correctional Center
10/1/99 Jim Pierce named region director
8/25/99 DOC victims services administrator receives national award
7/30/99 Witnesses selected for August 6 execution
7/30/99 CLEARLY CORRECTIONS:A clarification of inmate work programs
7/28/99 Keel execution media advisory
7/21/99 NC DOC shows environmentally friendly projects at Project Green fair
7/1/99 New NC DOC Web application provides information on prisoners
6/30/99 Correction employees volunteer at World Summer Games softball competition
6/28/99 Three prisoners shot as they attempt to escape prison farm work squad
6/4/99 First class completes the department's Correction Leadership and Development Program
6/2/99 Secretary Beck names Dan Stieneke Deputy Secretary
6/2/99 Secretary Beck names James French Director of Prisons
5/20/99 North Carolina Correctional Officers Memorial Service
5/19/99 Community policing showing results in High Point
5/17/99 Prisoners repair surplused state computers for schools
5/12/99 Media Advisory-Harnett Correctional Institution prisoners ready computers for schools
5/5/99 Secretary Beck names North Carolina Department of Correction Officers of the Year
4/30/99 May 2-8 is Correctional, Probation and Parole Officers Week
4/29/99 Crime Victims Rights Week
4/26/99 Beck sworn in as Secretary of Correction
4/23/99 Secretary Beck names 1998 Volunteer of the Year
4/19/99 Gov. Hunt names Theodis Beck Secretary of Correction
4/16/99 Educational programs offer inmates a chance to turn their lives around
4/16/99 Advocacy Groups Join Forces To Honor Crime Victims
4/16/99 Fatheread teaches inmate fathers to read to their children
4/16/99 NC DOC Web offers new crime victims services
4/6/99 Arthur Boyd Execution Media Advisory
3/31/99 Work release prepares Charlotte Correctional Center prisoners for a job
3/31/99 Prisoners work more than 18 million hours inside prisons in 1998
3/19/99 Witnesses selected for March 26 execution
3/15/99 James Rich Execution Media Advisory
3/15/99 Inmates paint stateís second-oldest home
3/12/99 Work release prisoners earn money to pay for housing, child support and restitution
3/12/99 Prisoners build sewing plant at Columbus Correctional Institution
2/26/99 State prisoners pitch in to help prepare for the Special Olympics World Summer Games.
2/26/99 Prisoners worked more than 1.9 million hours in 1998 as part of the Governorís Community Work Program
2/18/99 Department of Correction alerts public to internet hoax 
2/12/99 Prisoners renovate space at Wayne Correctional Center for medical services
1/29/99 Caswell Correctional Center prisoners look to expand their tool repair operation

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