Former Department of Correction
2007 Legislative Reports

Date Report Title
10/03/2007 Report On The Need To Use Funds To Provide The State Match For Federal Grants
09/25/2007 Matching Funds For Prisoner Reentry Project Grant Award
09/12/2007 Federal Grant Funds
06/11/2007 State Match For Federal Grants
04/18/2007 Reimburse Counties In Reducing Jail Backlog
03/22/2007 Alcohol And Chemical Dependency Programs
02/19/2007 Use Of Funds Available For Costs That Exceed Continuation Budget Amount
02/19/2007 Use Of Funds Available For Food And Health Care
02/19/2007 Use Of Seized And Forfeited Property
02/15/2007 Community Service Work Program
01/31/2007 Health Care Cost Containment Report
01/31/2007 Mental Health Treatment For Incarcerated Sex Offenders
01/11/2007 Domestic Violence Offender Supervision
01/08/2007 Identity Theft
01/05/2007 Reducing Jail Backlog
11/16/2006 GPS Satellite Systems And Sex Offender Monitoring
11/15/2006 Joint Use OF Swannanoa Property
11/01/2006 Reimburse Counties For Housing And Extraordinary Medical Expenses