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     Management Information Systems 

Cindy Cousins
Application Development

This is the department's team of computer programmers.

Gregory Ulmer
Quality Assurance

They help ensure that the development process works correctly, then  tests to verify that it does.

Michael Singletary
Information Security Office

They ensure that the department proactively implements appropriate information security controls to support the department’s mission while managing evolving information security risks.

Ramana Posam
Technical Services 

They keep the utility running by maintaining the database and working with ITS.

Armin Harrell
Network Services

They install and repair hardware and install software for users.

Bob Brinson - Chief Information Officer

David Keys - Information Technology Director, Applications

Management Information Systems provides tools to help correction employees manage offenders. These tools address problems and needs at the working level: recording pertinent data about offenders; tracking their movements; and charting their progress in programs and other rehabilitative efforts. The tools also provide logistical support to the department: ordering and stocking materials, supplies, and equipment; and supporting the financial and human resource functions. The tools also provide decision support to management: 

  • monitoring the flow of offenders; 
  • assisting in immediate and long-term space and staff planning; and 
  • helping to select the most appropriate parole candidates. 
Finally, these tools establish links from the department to the broader criminal justice community, receiving and supplying critical timely information to our courts, law enforcement and crime victims.




"OPUS, the Offender Population Unified System,

is the biggest piece of what we do,"

...  CIO Bob Brinson



General Design History Making the System 
Work Better


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