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Director of Educational Services

Emma Brooks
Librarian Consultant

Educational Services Bulletin

Sandra Satterwhite
Processing Assistant

Nornia Bullock
School Administrator I /Title I
Educational ESL/Principal Mentor

Kim Lindsay
Title I Transition Teacher

Dr. Tony Reggi
Educational Specialist III/Training, Community College Liason

Curtis Garland
School Administrator, Director Exceptional Students Program

Kelli Terrell
Compliance Specialist
Exceptional Student Program

School Administrator for Licensure,
Personnel and Curriculum

Sheila Scott
ESP Transition Teacher

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Division of Adult Corrections
Education Services
831 West Morgan St.
4264 MSC
Raleigh, NC 27699-4264


The mission of Educational Services in the North Carolina Division of Prisons, Department of Correction, is to provide services to those inmates who participate in education activities so that they may become responsible and productive persons who can effectively manage their incarceration and make contributions to their community upon release.

 The philosophy of Educational Services is that correctional education is an integral part of the total correctional process.  Education is capable of changing inmate behaviors so those offenders become law-abiding, productive members of the community.  The goal of Educational Services is to provide a system of education offerings that range from basic reading, writing, and computation skills to advanced vocational skills, which also includes training in the areas of social development and life skills.  The outcome goal is to provide inmates with the resources for making a worthwhile life.

 The array of education services provided is intended to meet the wide variety of needs of inmates, including those skills required to be successful as jobholders and as contributing members of their communities.  It is also the guiding philosophy of the Division of Prisons Educational Services Section that these services must be systematically planned and evaluated, and that changes must be made in the way services are provided depending on changes in education technology, demands of the workplace, and characteristics of the inmate population

Educational Services Bulletin Adode Portable Document File

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2011 March July December    
2010 June September December    
2009 February May      
2008 April July October    
2007 May August December    
2006 April August December    
2005 August December      
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2003 November        
2002 January March June September  
2001 January March May September November
2000 May July September November  

Educational Annual Reports  Adode Portable Document File

2007 2008
2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000


Feasibility and Implementation Plan for Extension Courses
N. C. Division of Prisons Facilities
(revised: 3/2008)



JobStart - Taking Skill to Work 
JOBSTART is a targeted approach to prison-to-work transition planning for a select group of inmates at five units within the North Carolina Division of Prisons. 



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