Treatment for Effective Community Supervision (TECS)

The Justice Reinvestment Act eliminates the Criminal Justice Partnership Program (CJPP) and creates Treatment for Effective Community Supervision.

Under TECS, the Division of Adult Correction enters into contracts with treatment providers and the law creates a State Community Corrections Advisory Board.

The Justice Reinvestment Act repealed the Criminal Justice Partnership Program yet authorized funding at the current rate for FY 11-12. CJPP programs will continue in their current manner until June 30, 2012.

Effective July 1, 2012, CJPP will be replaced with TECS. Providers will be awarded a contract for services through a competitive bid process in early 2012.

Letter to TECS stakeholders - May 2012

Pre-bid notice for potential bidders - March 2012

TECSP - February 2012 update