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2002 News releases, media advisories and stories



12/19/02 Execution date set for Henry Hunt
12/17/02 Prison escapees captured in Baltimore
12/16/02 Wanted/Reward poster - Nash prison escapees (Word document)
12/16/02 Rewards offered for capture of escapees
12/16/02 Escapee news briefing scheduled for 1 pm
12/9/02 Witnesses named for Desmond Carter execution
12/3/02 Witnesses named for Ernest Basden execution
11/10/02 Anson inmates help local family
11/6/02 Execution date set for Ernest Basden
11/6/02 Ennis Oates named superintendent at Wayne Correctional Center
11/4/02 Don Wood named administrator at new Scotland Co. prison
10/30/02 John Crawford named superintendent at Neuse CI
10/24/02 Execution date set for Desmond Carter
10/11/02 Gary Miller to lead Southern Correctional Institution
10/02/02 Gates Correctional Center reopens
10/02/02 Henderson and Blue Ridge correctional centers to close
9/13/02 Inmates bagging trash in Fall Litter Sweep
9/3/02 Libby Ruth named probation/parole manager for Stanly, Union counties
7/30/02 Operations suspended at IMPACT camps
7/30/02 Operations suspended at Gates and Blue Ridge correctional centers
7/17/02 James Yount honored as Probation/Parole Officer of the Year
7/17/02 Kelly Cartrette honored as Probation/Parole Officer of the Year
7/17/02 Wayne Knight honored as Probation/Parole Officer of the Year
7/17/02 Guy Robin Gray honored as Probation/Parole Officer of the Year
7/15/02 Randy Williams settling in as manager of Judicial District 22
7/15/02 Debra Debruhl named DCC manager for 30th Judicial District
7/15/02 Probation, Parole and Community Supervision Officers Week 2002
7/15/02 Childhood curiosity becomes life's work
7/15/02 Intensive probation officer works with domestic abusers
7/15/02 Durham officer is one-stop shop
7/15/02 Officer stumbles into career in probation
7/15/02 Officer's focus is on sex offenders
7/15/02 Permission - Don't leave home without it 
7/15/02 Probation/parole supervisor strives to help offenders and community
7/15/02 Officer aids balance between control and treatment of offenders
7/15/02 Community Corrections quick facts
6/27/02 Robert Harden named superintendent at Anson Correctional Center
6/10/02 Secretary names new Correction Enterprises director
6/10/02 Piedmont Correctional Institution gets new superintendent
5/28/02 New employment office manager named
5/17/02 Inmates complete construction work for Wildlife Commission
5/14/02 Department honors Officers of the Year
5/13/02 Inmates help build new social services facility
5/8/02 Inmate shot and killed in escape attempt
5/6/02 Correctional Officers Week 2002
5/6/02 Officer wears many hats at prison
5/6/02 Officer introduces inmates to prison life
5/6/02 Officer keeps count at busy prison unit
5/6/02 Officer provides information and comfort for victims of crime
5/6/02 Officer helps insure safety inside prison hospital
5/6/02 Prison security officers track escapees and warrants
5/6/02 Officer enjoys challenge in prison special housing unit
5/6/02 Fugitive lieutenant helps track escaped inmates
5/6/02 Veteran officer shares knowledge with new recruits
5/6/02 Officer and horse keep watch on prison farm
5/1/02 Tommy King named superintendent at Tillery Correctional Center
5/1/02 Wayne Spears tapped to lead Henderson Correctional Center
4/24/02 Division of Prisons recognizes Volunteer of the Year
4/22/02 Terminally ill death row inmate dies
4/19/02 Correction secretary denies request to release death row inmate
4/18/02 Inmates help clean up roads during spring Litter Sweep
2/8/02 Terry Bullock named superintendent at Robeson Correctional Center
2/8/02 Matthew Jones named superintendent at Haywood Correctional Center
2/7/02 Edmisten named internal audit supervisor
2/7/02 Offender arrested for assault on officers
1/31/02 Community Corrections gets new assistant division chief
1/31/02 Inmate suicide reported at Avery-Mitchell Correctional Institution
1/9/02 Female inmates contribute to Red Cross relief effort
1/4/02 Inmates help clean up after snow storm
1/3/02 Bonnie Jones named eastern region personnel manager

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